BRC Consultant

Ulrich Schraewer of QS-Development is a Approved BRC Consultant. This means he has undergone a rigorous background check by BRC to ensure his skills and knowledge meet the BRC Consultant criteria.

What are they benefits using a BRC Consultant?

  • Access to an industry expert with experience in your sector who can offer practical advice
  • Someone who works closely with the BRC Technical team and so receives first hand advice from the team in charge of the scheme
  • Someone with a thorough understanding of the Standard and what’s needed for certification

What can a BRC Consultant do for you?

  • A pre-assessment to determine your requirements
  • A gap analysis
  • Advice on developing a written plan and timeline for implementation
  • A review of existing practices and procedures and suggestions for improvement
  • Help with troubleshooting
  • Advice on setting up management systems including record keeping
  • Ongoing guidance to technical and quality teams
  • Advice on implementing the BRC Standards certification program