BRC Global Standard for Storage & Distribution


The standard is primarily for companies providing storage and distribution of products. It may be applied both where the company has legal title to the products and where legal title is held by a third party. The standard covers distribution at any point in the distribution network for applicable products. For example, this could include distribution from: • farm to processor • primary processor to manufacturer • manufacturer to off-site warehousing • warehousing to retail depots • retail depots to store • store to final consumer (internet shopping).


Additional Modules (for wholesale activities or contracted services e.g. contract -packaging, -chilling, -inspections or – assembly) can be added. Theses modules apply in conjunction with the audit and certification of the storage/distribution operation.


From time to time BRC publishes position statements and guidance documents which may be binding to the certification audit process. NOTE: Position Statements are also published for Additional Voluntary Modules.

No position statements for Issue 3 have been published.


Issue 3 is the current standard. To download BRC standards and guidance documents go to the BRC Bookshop.

If you require assistance in developing or improving your management system for BRC Storage & Distribution contact Ulrich today. He is a BRC Lead Auditor and a BRC Approved Consultant.