BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials



This standard can be used by used by any manufacturer producing packaging materials for all types of products – from food to consumer products – at all levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. The Standard splits the packaging industry into eight manufacturing technologies: • Glassmaking • Papermaking • Metalforming • Rigid plastics forming • Flexible plastics manufacture • Other manufacturing • Print processes • Chemical processes


The standard has been designed to enable the addition of voluntary modules to the routine audit. Throughout the life of the standard new voluntary  modules are developed by BRCGS. The voluntary module will allow the site to demonstrate compliance to specific sets of requirements in order to meet market or consumer requirements. The voluntary modules can be added to the certification audit.

List of current additional voluntary modules (AVM’s):

• AVM 7 Trade Goods
• AVM 8 Environmental Awareness


From time to time BRC publishes position statements and guidance documents which may be binding to the certification audit process. NOTE: Position Statements are also published for Additional Voluntary Modules.

Position statements for Issue 6 have been published.


Issue 5 is the current standard. To download BRCGS standards and guidance documents go to the BRCGS Bookshop.

Issue 6 is applicable from 1 of February 2020.

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