A guide for better understanding and the implementation of HACCP Systems for operators and HACCP-Teams.


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Recently I have come across this easy pocket guide about HACCP. Here is my book review:

“If you are looking to learn more about Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), then this might be just the book for you. The literacy on HACCP seems endless however the authors of this book have developed an accurate and practical pocket guide on this ever-important topic. After learning about the aims of HACCP, history and terminology the authors focus on the essentials: The development and implementation of HACCP as per Codex Alimentarius. This book gives a detailed overview about hazards with examples. It gives practical information and provides templates to create HACCP awareness within your operation. You learn to hold beneficial team meetings and conduct a hazard analysis (risk assessment models (FMEA) and a CCP decision tree are provided). Finally, guidance is given to maintain (review and verify) your HACCP System.

One booklet costs just €9.90. If you wish to order your copy, simply contact us and we post the required quantity of booklets out to you. National post rates apply.