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BRCGS is a market-leading global brand that helps build confidence in the supply chain. There are several global standards to set the benchmark for good manufacturing practice and help provide assurance to customers that your products are safe, legal, authentic and of high quality.

BRCGS Global Standards


The above lists a selection of BRCGS standards. For a full list of BRCGS standards visit

My BRCGS history

My journey with BRCGS started in 2005 when implementing the BRC Food Safety Standard Issue 3 for a bakery in Co. Kerry. Once certification for the bakery was achieved, I became a freelance BRC consultant and BRC certification auditor.

Today I have 13 years BRCGS Lead Auditor experience under my belt. In the past years I audited across Europe. I conducted BRCGS fish category audits in Iceland and found myself at -21°C in the middle of Finland in January. Thank God the bakery I audited was cosy and warm!

Now I mostly provide my existing years of BRCGS experience to Irish businesses. Occasionally I travel to the UK or Germany (bilingual audits) and conduct BRCGS audits to various BRCGS standards.

I am an approved BRCGS consultant and can count myself to a selected group of BRCGS consultants worldwide. 


Barry Spellman – General Manager
Killarney Brewing Company



BRCGS consultants are up-to-date with the Global Standards and are able to consult with professionalism, integrity and competence. Availing of the advice of QSD can be a huge benefit on your journey towards gaining or maintaining certification.