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The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system (HACCP) is a legally required system to identify & control any hazards that could pose a danger to the preparation/manufacturing of safe food.


A proper HACCP-System is a must and gives re-assurance to any food business and its customers. HACCP has grown to become the universally recognized and accepted method for food safety assurance.

Traditionally, it assesses biological, physical and chemical risks. With QSD you get more. Our hazard analysis also includes food allergen risks and where required food fraud and malicious activities.

Having audited and developed hundreds of HACCP Systems there is no better alternative then QSD. For smaller business we provide a HACCP System Pack, a mini Food Safety Management System incl. policies, procedures, records and training.


How does the HACCP System Pack work?

The HACCP-System Pack of QSD is unique as it combines the development & implementation of a HACCP-System with onsite certified HACCP training.

The pack includes a minimum of 2 visits to your facility.

First Visit (ON SITE):
  • I will travel to you and assess your current situation.
  • Training session on HACCP techniques and Codex Alimentarius.
  • Review your pre-requisite programme.
  • Conduct a full hazard analysis (Identification of hazards).
  • Together we will decide on the HACCP team, meeting frequencies etc.

A large quantity of work are completed off-site (development of the entire HACCP, hazard analysis, all policies, procedures, records etc.) and takes place between the first and second visit. During this development phase we stay in contact with you and assure that the system and manual are meeting your requirements and reflect your food business.

 Second Visit (ON SITE):

  • Recap and implement the entire HACCP-System.
  • Training session based on your new system/manual.
  • Together we hold the first HACCP meeting.
  • Handover of the entire HACCP manual (a digital amendable copy is included).
  • I award you with a HACCP training certificate a few days after this visit.


Get Help

If you feel the HACCP System Pack is exactly what you need then do not wait and contact Ulrich today.